The Whole 30 – Day 0

I’m not really one for New Years resolutions but after a recent doctor’s visit I have been considering my physical and mental health more and more.  My sister and her girlfriend are currently on the very en vogue Whole 30 diet/cleanse thing and apparently a discussion was had in my absence with my wife, and as most of these types of situations go, a new life choice was made for me on my behalf.  

To be fair, I had spent the day considering a diet and exercise routine for myself.  The sad thing is I know what I should and shouldn’t do and eat but I simply don’t because [insert excuse here].  The program is working well for my sister who is feeling awesome.  So what the hell.  Tonight marks the last night for a month of me eating crap and hopefully starting a full reset of my body. 

I will probably be throwing in an exercise routine, most likely DDPYoga.  For those who are unfamiliar DDPYoga is a set of resistance exercises with yoga created by former pro wrestler and heavyweight champion of the world Diamond Dallas Page, aka DDP. I was doing the program for a while and really enjoyed it and the results I got. Also, DDP is the man, so there’s that (if you’ve never seen his classic stuff from his WCW wrestling days do yourself a favor and check him out).

On top of that I am doing a little something for my mental health and I am unplugging from Facebook for a week.  Two reasons brought me to this conclusion and it began with a long conversation with a team member at work about the “Binge Generation” I belong to.  The first reason is that Facebook is a MASSIVE time waster.  I have lost hours of my life in “the scroll”, just going down all of the statuses.  Secondly, the world has lost its damn mind.  Before, during amd after this election, the UGLIEST sides of our population came out and it doesn’t seem to be any better now.  And you can’t have reasoned discourse with anyone anymore.  You try to be rational and they lose their minds.  So I’ve decided to step away for my own sanity’s sake.  I’m still on Twitter for work and Linkden for networking but that’s gonna be it for the next 7 days.

*sigh* here goes….


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