The Whole 30 – Day 2 It Begins

So last night I’m at work and I was feeling pretty good.  I even had the thought that I would be able to get through this whole thing without any real side effects.  

How dumb am I.  (Wait….don’t answer that)

I woke up hungry.  For the record that doesn’t happen very often.  Usually I’m not hungry until later in the morning, but all I could think about this morning was shuffling the kids off to school so I could make myself something to eat.  About an hour after eating it hit.  The migraine of detox.  I was supposed to set up a doctors appointment but after holding on the phone for a few minutes I couldn’t listen to the ringing any longer.  I tried to go on their website but asking me to fill out a bunch of forms was just pissing me off, so i gave up on the endeavor for the day.

I wonder if the morning is when it’ll hit the hardest, since it’s in the early part of the day I normally intake the majority of my sugar.  I do know it is making my usually vasting patience incredibly short, so much so that I had to warn the kids at dinner that night.  My wife compares it to having PMS.  How do y’all even function?

The only thing keeping me from murdering people when I’m around snacks now are a handful of unshelled sunflower seeds.  

(And by the by I’m writing this the morning of day 3 so I am struggling through this posting, I may have to continue on some of my thoughts for the next one)


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