The Whole 30 – Day 5/6 Issues with Shabbat

Oh Shabbos.  Here I was going to have a bit of a problem.  For those unaware, on the Sabbath I am required to eat bread (typically challah) and make a blessing over a cup of wine, which I then drink.  Do you know what is NOT compliant to this program?  So I had the minimum requirement of bread and wine (like really small you guys trust me it probably didn’t do much damage) and watched my family enjoy warm rolls and hummus before our meal.  😒

Also this is the day most my drinking takes place, and it didn’t help that at shul (yiddish for synagogue) there was not one but TWO bottles of whiskey, and not the cheap stuff, like, good quality booze too.  *groan*  And lets not forget kiddush (after services we have snacks and drinks out for schmoozing afterwards) which had literally zero things for me to eat…unless you count herring…which I don’t…yuck.  So there I am with my Larabar while everyone else is chowing down on cookies, brownies, chips, and ICE CREAM!  Bite me.

But I wasn’t exhausted like I typically am on a shabbat afternoon.  Usually I nod off in my chair for a bit or actually crash in my bed but I didn’t.  I guess that’s a good sign.  Or maybe it’s because I wasn’t drinking.  

The wife and I finished a book we’ve been reading called “Start” by Jon Acuff.  If you haven’t had the chance to read it I highly recommend it, especially if you are trying to find a path to awesome for yourself.  Even if you aren’t or you are already on a path to awesome read it anyways, he’s hilarious.  

I feel like at this point I should say something profound or insightful.  There’s no reason, I just feel as though I need to drop some wisdom that I’ve gleaned in my first week.  But I don’t have any, at least not anything earth shattering.  Any process takes time and takes discipline especially when it comes to self improvement.  Whether it’s quitting a bad habit, building healthy eating routines, or sitting with a therapist to get an unbiased ear to hear your problems, it’s not an overnight thing.  And I think my generation has forgotten what that means.  We were raised on MTV with the attention span of a music video that has only gotten shorter.  I think what we need, more than patience, is a little grace.  My wife is one who lacks patience and wants something done, or to happen, not just now but yesterday.  She freely admits this and we joke about it, but it’s something that not only speaks to those with impatience but also in dealing with the world and its stress.  Give yourself that grace, take a deep breath, and take one step forward at a time, no matter how small it may be.

That seems pretty profound, don’t you think?  At least it sounded that way.  At least profound enough to end up on an office motivational poster. 

Maybe with a picture of kittens.  And who doesn’t love kittens?


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