The Whole 30 – Day 7 4 AM wake up

4 am is always rough.  Rougher even still if you are doing this program.  I don’t normally “sleep” so much as nap that night.  Then off to work.  I managed to make it to 8:30 without having a typically consumed energy drink or other type of sugar product.  Boiled eggs, fruit salad and a larabar were my reward for waiting to eat.  Funny thing was as I was pushing some candy later that day I started to look at the nutrition facts on each package, doing the math on the amount of sugar truely in each package.  They really should put the measurement in teaspoons especially for Americans. Who can visuallize a gram unless you have experience in purchasing narcotics?

At a Wegmans run with the wife we realized a program which is typically criticized for being expensive would actually cause us to come under budget for the month on groceries.  How you might ask?  I wasn’t buying sodas and snacks which nickle and dimed our budget.  I always had a problem with that when it came to finances.  It was never big purchases.  I always found myself spending a little here and a little there a bunch of times and would look up and have spent $200 in a month.

Also, today I was able to get into a polo shirt I had given up on some time ago.  That felt really good.  I put it on and not only did it fit, there was room to spare!  After one week!  I’m enjoying the results of this program everyday.  I might even lose the twenty pounds the doctor said I needed to!

I’m going to keep this short and just say I am excited to see where this journey will take me.  I’ve been up since 3:15 am so I’m going to pass out.

In the words of John Green, “Don’t forget to be awesome”.


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