The Whole 30 – Day 9 Scaring Lions

Closing and then getting up at 5:30AM is not something I would recommend.  Had to get an early  start and get everyone up early.  Wife and I were signed up for an all day class on firearm safety and use and the kids had to be dropped off early.  The only downside are meals.  I didn’t get a proper breakfast which made for a rough start on a diet that makes having true meals important.  I nibbled most of the day, on good stuff mind you, but didn’t get a real solid meal until lunch.  Lunch was chicken, spinach, and an orange, which doesn’t seem like much but I had been nibbling on cashews all morning. It probably explains why I’m so tired.  Also the lack of sleep.  But we had a good time, got to hit the range for some hands on experience.  Gathered up all of the kids and dinner was breakfast, scrambled eggs and roasted potatoes and some sunflower seeds as a post dinner snack.  Meal prep is definitely the hardest thing for me in all of this.

So I was at work the other day and watching BBCAmerica.  There was a nature type program on and on it three African men were out hunting gazelle, I think anyways.  When I say “hunting” I mean on foot with spears and bows.  Now here’s the catch, it’s not just them out there hunting, lions were also looking for a meal.  What was their strategy to get a gazelle while the lions were there?  They are going to steal it from the lions.  Yes…steal…from a pride of lions.  How, you may ask.  By just walking up to them!  I shit you not.  These three dudes just walked up, strutting with boss like confidence, and 12 lions who are chewing down on this kill look up and see these three guys.  I kept waiting for some teeth and claws, but no, they run off!  Apparently that’s all you have to do, show some confidence and lions will be scared of you.  Mind you the lions are watching these guys as they grab their machetes and start to hack off a chunk of gazelle.  Because they realize that the lions will catch on in a minute and they will return for what is theirs.  So they cut off what they need and make a dash for it.  I’m watching like, dude you don’t have a McDonalds?  That was a whole lot of nope right there.  But it says something about how far attitude  will get you.  So how did you chase off lions today?


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