The Whole 30 – Day 10 Toddler Enthusiasm 

(First off, I want to apologize for yesterday’s blog, I was super tired and the writing seemed to reflect it, but definitely use that lion story as a great metaphor for overcoming challenges)

Today was actually a pretty good one for me.  I’m finding with my new eating routine it takes less to satisfy me than it once did.  I used to eat until I was about to pop, until I had to unbuckle my belt.  Now some meat and some veggies and I’m usually pretty good.  And I still have plenty of energy to get me through the day.  My sister and her girlfriend just finished their own Whole 30 and they each lost more than 10 pounds, but more than that they have started living healthier lives.  I’m super proud of them both, especially my sister who I know has struggled with her health and lifestyle for a while.  Seeing her healthier and knowing that she really feels those positive changes is an inspiration for me.

I just had dinner annndddd I should have taken a picture of it because it was delicious…buuuuut I was too busy eating it.  Roasted sweet potatoes, pan cooked chicken breast in olive oil and Old Bay seasoning and some broccoli.  Like I said, I love potatoes

Thank you Sam.

Planning a Whole 30 birthday for my mom since most of my family is doing the program.  It presents additional logistical problems because we keep kosher but I am very fortunate to have family that is willing to take on the challenge of taking care of my family’s needs when it comes to food.

I have a 1 and a half year old son and I love watching him do pretty much anything.  The kid has an enthusiasm for life that I feel like we lose as we get older.  Everything is new to him so everything is exciting!  He gets super into his coloring and makes the most satisfying noises when he eats anything and has a personality bigger than his body.  I feel like that’s something we all should try to recapture, an enthusiasm for the world.  Everyone is so caught up in the noise and negativity we don’t stop to appreciate the fantastic world we live in….or the simple pleasures of life.  

So next chance you get, just watch a toddler exploring the world around them, how amazing it all is…and try to be like the toddler, even for 5 minutes.


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