The Whole 30 – Day 14 A Family Affair 

For my own purposes and clarification I am writing this on the morning of Day 15

Not much to report folks, aside from BITE ME TOM BRADY AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL ADONIS-LIKE FACE!  My youngest joined me in watching the game last night, which was super adorable.

This kid loves cars and is entranced by football.  I feel like he will speak to my jockish side where my older boy clearly grooves with me on my nerdiness.

My wife is also taking a bit of a health journey with me in this.  However, she is in the other boat.  She needs to gain about 20 pounds according to our doctor.  We had a long conversation about it the other day, and we’ve talked about it on a number of occasions.  The sad thing is the reactions of some people when she says she can’t gain weight, “Oh I wish I had that problem”.  No!  No you don’t!  And she’d tell you as much.  It’s not like she’s not eating, I see her eat.  We are in agreement that one issue is consistency, which is something she can get from this program.  Whole 30 encourages you to have three solid meals a day which, frankly, we could ALL do with more consistency in that regard.  I’ve encouraged her to make a food journal and track what she eats, when she eats and lets see what her caloric intake is.  I’m figuring the doctor will probably recommend something like that at her next appointment.  Blood work didn’t show anything abnormal with her thyroid or her hormones so before anyone suggests that we’ve already explored that avenue.  Also she’s still physically recovering from this last pregnancy which could have something to do with it as well (is it any wonder women have to bench “Gomel” afterwards, what bringing a child into the world does to your body and mind!  I love having a penis).  Thankfully she’s not suffering from post-partum like her first pregnancy so now it’s just about getting her healthy physically.  

I’d like us to be physically  (and financially, please G-d) healthy and strong for 2017 and going into 2018, which will be our 10 year wedding anniversary.  Tentatively I’d like us to go on a cruise or do an all inclusive resort, personally I’m leaning to cruise.  And sign me up for the excursion where there’s a chair, a beach, and a cold drink and everyone leaves me the F alone.


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