The Whole 30 – Day 15 Parent-Teacher Conferences

Well folks since I posted this morning I don’t have a whole lot to write on.  Did successfully manage to incorporate some exercise this morning.  A little DDPYoga to help burn calories, tone muscles and get some back strengthening going on. 

Parent-teacher conferences were also today.  Great reports from both the general studies and hebrew studies teachers on the kids, except my daughter has some issues with managing time.  Not a real shocker.  This is the girl we are CONSTANTLY waiting on.  The plan is to try with some positive reinforcement since she seems to respond well to praise.  Hopefully that will work, we will have to wait and see.  You hate to say one kid is easier or better than another.  She’s a great kid, very bright and super social, she just has a thing about doing things she doesn’t want to do.  Homework, cleaning her play room, getting ready to go…it doesn’t matter!  Oh yeah and did I mention EMOTIONAL AND MASSIVE ATTITUDE??  L-rd help me when she hits puberty and her and my wife start to sync….I’ve already told the wife when that happens me and the boys are sleeping outside in a tent a week out of every month.

I love you honey but the thought of you two, like that, is a bit terrifying.

PS : To my point about her being a good kid…my wife just got done telling me a fantastic story about how she and another girl let a special needs girl join them in making a poster for their girl scout cookie sale.  It helps that they have known each other for years, but to know that she makes this other girl feel included and being a real friend, it me feel good.  But that’s not all parenting…that’s also a heavy dose of her beautiful neshama (soul). 

Now if she can just get her homework done.


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