The Whole 30 – Day 18 Holiday of chocolate

Had to make sure I got up early enough to make myself something for today because I fell asleep before I could do it yesterday.  Boiled eggs, a couple of Larabars, left over chicken, some change to get some fruit, and of course some sweet potatoes

Thank you Sam.

Also another fantastic day at work reading the nutrition labels on everything.

For example, we’re working out some Valentine’s Day candy and I’m looking at the packaging.  Now you would think those sugar hearts would be bad (which they are, they’re basically pure sugar) but York Peppermint Patties, wow.  In one serving, three mini patties, there is 6.75 teaspoons of sugar.  IN.  THREE.  Hell I could decimate an entire bag in one sitting by myself.  That’s something closed to 10 times that.  Think about that, I could (and probably some of you too) sit by myself and eat 67.5 teaspoons of sugar.  That’s insane.  And I still have the urge for candy or chips or an energy drink.  But I don’t want to go down that path again.  I know how that feels and even though it has only been about 3 weeks I feel like a different person in some regards.  

And when you feel this good you want to help others feel this good.  For me that starts at home.  Encouraging my wife to join me in a quest to be better has become a new thing.  I told her tonight that I feel amazing, better than I have in years, and I want that for her too.  So I’m hoping that we can do this together in some ways.  Our specific needs are different but our overall desires are the same…to be better us-es (and yes us-es is a word and if you don’t believe me go ask Bill and Ted).

If you are reading this and there is something about your life you want to change I would encourage you to start now.  I know, more than anyone, how hard something so simple can be but it’s no less true.  We all make a million excuses but if you know changing something will improve your life then you HAVE to commit to changing.  It’s hard, and frustrating, but if you commit to the change you won’t be sorry.  Whether its weight loss or pursuing a dream that you’ve had your whole life it doesn’t matter, just start.  Do it now!


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