The Whole 30 – Days 19/20/21 Stress Eating

Meal prepping, it’s a thing I need to get better at.  I left work this morning for my usual 4 am shift with nothing ready to take.  Luckily I was able to get something to eat at work.  A potato I baked in the microwave, an avocado and a banana was breakfast.  I was going to grab some tuna fish but all of the tuna has vegetable broth…which has soy…not compliant.

This weekend we did venture out as far as eating goes.  We were invited out for Shabbat lunch and our hosts were very accomodating with a multitude of salads and grilled chicken.  Delicious!!  There was this avocado dish with hearts of palm…Amazeballs!!  Also my plate had so many colors!  I heard once that a healthy meal should be very colorful from the different vegetables and fruits, the colors symptomatic of the nutrients unique to each plant.  For most of us the colors too often come from artificial ingredients  (should Mountain Dew glow like that?). 

 Also they made a whole wheat challah that I think I’m going to have to get the recipe for so I can make it post-Whole 30 for shabbat.  Also I need to switch up some of my dishes, apparently the kids are getting tired of potatoes and, frankly,  so am I.  So today’s list also includes Kale, spinach and peppers.  Also I’m getting almond and coconut flour to make chicken tenders/nuggets!  Super pumped.

However ups come with downs and today I had a massive case of stress eating hit me and it took every bit of energy to not shove a candy bar in my face.  I’ve been thinking about work, money, and the future and just the amount of pressure I’m putting on myself had me incredibly stressed out and all I wanted to do was eat to releave my stress.  To say the struggle is real would be an understatement.  But I got a Larabar and was able to handle the overload of emotions in a relatively healthy way.  After this grocery run I’ll probably hit up some DDPYoga to burn some more of it off.  Maybe I’ll do a grocery hall post next time, let everyone see what I’m eating for my last full week of the Whole 30!!


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