The Whole 30 – Day 22 Grocery Haul

So, hit up Trader Joe’s and Wegmans yesterday (day 21) and thought I might share what we picked up and some of the meals we’ll be doing up.

First off, chicken and turkey from Wegmans.  Probably the best regular price on Kosher meat around here.  What I typically do is cook the whole chicken at the beginning of the week (which is currently cooking) and eat that for lunch at work over the course of the week.  One pack of chicken breast to go with the almond meal I got from Trader Joe’s and BAM I got compliant chicken nuggets son!  The ground turkey will make turkey burgers and we’ll do that with kale.

As you can see I’ve already opened the cucumbers for breakfast.  

Boiled eggs, salat and some cashews for good measure.  Very tasty and filling.  I also got more potatoes but I’m going to try to moderate on those a bit.  I find that I try to use them to fill my carb cravings.  We also got a pack of salmon as well and did up a salmon and broccoli dish with melted coconut oil and garlic.  It was fantastic!!

That’s the before picture.  I don’t have an after one because we ate it (haha).  But super yummy and we used organic frozen broccoli florets which were perfect.  18 minutes at 375 and you were good to go!  We’ll probably roast some the peppers as a side this week and there will be plenty of spinach salads as well.  Kale I never thought I would like but when cooked right they are phenomenal!  Also I have to be careful with the Larabars.  I don’t want to replace my candy eating with a bunch of those.  Plus those bad boys aren’t cheap.  A big box of them is $15!  And we’re buying two at a time, one for me and one for the kids’ lunch and we’re killing them both in a week’s time.  Yeesh!

But speaking of a week, that’s all I’ve got left!  Well a week from tomorrow anyways.  And then next Wednesday we will see what the scale results are.  I can’t wait.  

(PS you can find me on twitter now @huffrants )


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