The Whole 30 – Day 23 Variety

One of the things about the Whole 30 which gets people is a lack of variety.  That’s not to say you can’t have variety in the program but it requires more work, more prep than most people are used to.  I think I, as well as my family, have reached that point.  So to change things up I got some different veggies and that almond meal from Trader Joe’s.  I got the chance to use it with some tuna yesterday.  Usually I’ll make a tuna salad for lunch but I was really craving a tuna melt which is clearly not compliant.  So I made Tuna Patties instead…and they were AMAZING.  Two cans of tuna fish, two eggs, two tbsp of almond meal and some spices.

Just…imagine…you can see them and my roasted potatoes.  They were delicious!!  One of my favorite spices is McCormick Garlic and Herb.

Everything is better with a little garlic in it.  And there’s nothing but hebs and spices, no weird stuff, no crap.

I have to give mad props to my wifey who constantly amazes me.  She’s been trying to start up an Etsy business (RaccoonArt and @Raccoonart1 on twitter and instagram, go check her out).  She’s always been super creative but this new purpose has made her even better.  Take this for example:

A tree of life pendant.  She made.  100% by hand.  That’s.  Insane!  She’s got a bunch of other stuff on her page but I feel like her talent gets better and better all the time.  Also she’s managed to get up early 3 whole days in a row!  Now that may not seem like much to some of you but her getting up at 6 (ish) and starting her day with yoga is a huge win for her.  Getting started in the day has been a lifelong struggle and I’m happy and proud to see her working on changing that.

It’s all about celebrating small victories in our house!  Also I bought a scale for the big weigh in next week.  Tonight I’m going to do up some chicken nuggets, hopefully I’ll remember to document the evidence before I inhale it all.


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