The Whole 30 – Days 24/25 Snack-aholic

I’m sure everyone is wondering how my chicken nuggets turned out.  Well…they turned out DELICIOUS!

Not the best picture but they were really good.  Almond meal with some of that Garlic and Herb spice I like.  I also made homemade fries with the same stuff…now that was dangerous.  I could feel myself being compelled to go for more and more helpings of them.  Granted they weren’t, per se, bad but too much of something, anything, can be bad.  And I could feel my beast coming out wanting more, more, MORE!!!  GET THE KETCHUP!!  DROWN IT IN THAT SHIT!!!  YEAHHHHH!!!! NOM NOM NOM!!!  Also thought I’d toss up my new tuna patties I’ve been making.

The addition of that yellow pepper to my salat was a welcomed change. That my son likes them too is a huge bonus, trying to get the whole family to eat a little healthier, a little cleaner.

I was reading a posting from another writer about her own battle with food and it got me thinking about my own struggle.  And I feel like such a whiney little snowflake when I talk about it because…I mean…what the hell is that anyways?  I’m not on drugs or a drunk or someone with a REAL problem, I just need to put the fork down, right.  I’m not blaming or asking for pity, but it’s something I came to realize a long time ago.  It was one night and I had left a learning session with someone I was studying with at the time and for literally NO REASON I went to the grocery store to pick up a snack.  I wasn’t hungry.  I didn’t have other, real, food to purchase.  I didn’t even really want anything.  I was just compelled to go and buy a bag chips or ice cream or anything inherently bad for me.  I felt like I HAD to have something because…reasons???  I remember thinking how insane this was, that I should just go home…but I bought something anyways!!  It wasn’t the first time that happened and it wasn’t the last.  It was then I realized I had a problem with food.  More specifially sugar in one form or another and all of the artificial ingredients that come with it.  

You would think I would do something about that then and there.  But I didn’t.  I went on living like that.  Even when I tried to be healthy I still messed it up.  Get some good exercise in so I can excuse crushing a bag of sour cream & onion chips later.  Not a small bag…a regular size bag…or maybe even the family/party size.  I feel ridiculous talking about it like I’m at an AA meeting, but that’s how you have to deal with any problem.  I still feel the urge to eat ALL of those things.  But then again I fit comfortably into a pair of 46 pants from Israel I had left.  They use the European scale which I’m told the equivalent size in US is a 30???  Really??  Never in my adult life have I EVER fit into a 30.  I’m thinking about hitting up the stores and trying some pants on.  The way I feel and the way I look keep me focused on not back sliding.  So I have a problem.

My name is Huff and I’m a snack-aholic.


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