The Whole 30 – Days 26/27/28 Being confident in my own skin

First, sorry for not posting sooner.  Normally after my grocery run I sit down and write but my daughter had a fever of 101.4 and then went up to 103 in four hours so I am currently writing this from the hospital.  They seem to to think it’s strep throat which is awesome.  She’s currently eating a popsicle and seems fine.  The bill should be equally awesome.

One thing I have felt recently is more confidence overall.  I am not trying to sound vain but having lost this weight and beginning to look the way I never thought I could has given me, even in some small way, a boost of confidence.  

This past friday I was asking my wife if she had ever seen me this…small. She said probably not since we started dating some 14 years ago.  Then she turns to me and says, “Go try on the suit from Kearny and Leonne’s wedding and lets see.”  The wedding in question was of two good friends of mine that got married not long before we started dating.  So I go and pull the suit from the back of my closet, mind you the last time I had worn it I couldn’t even button the pants closed.  The pants slid on with ease now, even with some room to spare.  And the jacket swallowed me.  I came out and showed her.  I was now smaller than when we first started dating.  I think both of our minds were blown.

Wearing these shirts and pants I haven’t worn in years…fitting into them properly…I don’t know, I never thought it was possible.  I had accepted that I would always be a big guy.  When people would ask me abouy getting in shape I would respond, “Round is a shape!”  Now I go grocery shopping and I see what people are getting their kids and I want to grab it out of their hands and yell at them.  It’s a bit ridiculous I know, but now I feel like I’m that guy looking at all the packaging and screaming about how much sugar is in the food.  Even Trader Joe’s, TRADER JOES  has organic ketchup and mustard…and the friggin 3rd ingredient is sugar!  Why!?!?!  TJ, you are the reason I have trust issues.

Well apparently my oldest son is bored so I guess I’m giving up my phone so he can play a game while we wait.  More tomorrow.


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