The Whole 30 – Day 29 Looking Ahead…

I’ve been thinking about my post-Whole 30 life.  Some people have asked me what do I do next.  I’ve already talked about how I do not plan to reintroduce sugar nor will I bring back in processed foods.  I will probably do a bit of a paleo style diet.  I may reincorporare a small amount of dairy but seeing as I didn’t eat much dairy to begin with it won’t be much of a change.  Some complex and whole grains, mostly for Shabbat.  I don’t know about meat substitutes like soy.  Beans definitely as well as quinoa and chickpeas in the form of hummus, but I’ll have to make sure the ingredients stay pretty simple otherwise I’ll probably make it myself.  Alcohol will be the hardest.  I really enjoy a good beer or some whiskey so I will have to moderate.  I know I already have some form of allergy to some kinds of alcohol because of how fast my face becomes flushed when I drink them.  If I feel like I’m unable to moderate I may have to cut booze out entirely. 😭😭

This has been an eye opening and life changing experience for me and my family.  For years I’ve tried to do diets and exercise, never really getting long lasting results.  Now that I understand more about my relationship with food I feel as though I am better equipped than ever before to move forward in my life healthier and happier.  And if I have times that I eat the wrong types of things, say eating too much during the High Holidays or when we go on the cruise I want my wife and I to take next summer…I can just go back to a Whole 30 cleanse and reset and begin again.

On a different note my wife’s doctor’s visit went well.  She actually lost more weight, but then she’s been eating what I eat, clean and healthy.  It seems the weight she lost is mostly all of her own sugar fats.  Her doctor said that all of her blood work and tests came back good, she’s not even anemic anymore which is something she’s had a problem with for years.  He recommended just making sure to increase her caloric intake, up to about 1800 a day.  “I don’t normally recommend ice cream to my patients but in your case it wouldn’t hurt.”  She’s going to try to keep track of her food more but if after a few months of that she still hasn’t gained, being skinny might just be her new norm.  “You’ve got little kids you keep up with, you’re active enough, just eat whenever you’re hungry.”  But she’s healthy otherwise which is great news and we both want her to gain weight in a way that will be healthy as well.  It feels good to have her on this health journey with me, even if her path is different from mine.

Tomorrow’s the last day.  Be on the lookout Wednesday for weigh in results and some before/after pics!


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