The Whole 30 – Day 30 At the end of the line

Well here we are folks.  Day 30.  It’s crazy to think I managed this for a whole month.  When I think about what I’ve learned it’s honestly nothing I didn’t already know about myself and food, but this is the first time I’ve seen and felt the physical effects in a positive way.  To really see the impact sugar and garbage food had on my body as I slowly worked it all out of my system was eye opening.  Now I feel compelled to help others see how, by taking control of their relationship with food, they can feel better.  I don’t know that I would become a spokesman for Whole 30 or DDPYoga but I do highly recommend both.  At the very least a low sugar/carb diet and some kind of exercise aside from just “getting your steps in.”  If your exercise is counting steps it’s because you’re one of my running fanatic friends.  I was 230lbs at one point and I was walking more than 10,000 steps a day, so there you go.  Granted I work in retail so my body is accustomed to it but you gotta get the heart rate going to really make it worth anything.  

For me DDPYoga has been my choice of exercise.  Between the sports I played in school, damage to my body from weight, and working and walking on concrete, constantly bending over, I needed something to strengthen my back.  And that’s when I came across Diamond Dallas Page’s yoga program.  Combining yoga, strength training through dynamic resistance and sports therapy it is an all around workout that gets the heart rate going in a low impact way.

Yeah, that guy is a yogi.  

On a parenting note the kids all seem to be doing better.  I cloroxed and lysoled their bedroom and the kitchen yesterday.  I will probably do the same with the living room and dining room today.  Just tired of all these sick kiddies. 

Tomorrow is the big day folks.  Get excited!  Eeeeeee!


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