After Whole 30 – The Next Chapter 

So here we are at the other side of this whole process.  Now where does the blog go from here?  I have committed to a change in my life and I want to make this a place where I will share my continued travel of self-improvement, my successes and pit-falls, and hopefully connect with more people who are looking to change as well. On that note I took some time and emptied out some of my drawers and my closet of everything that was too big.

This is one way I want to keep myself on this track.  I won’t have anything to wear!  I don’t have anything to wear now honestly.  Well that’s not entirely true, but I find I have more warm weather clothes that seem to fit.  I need to do some shopping.  What other motivating factors have you used in your own journey?

I’m now writing from Goodwill.  We originally went looking for clothes to use for our Purim costumes.  Now that there are 5 of us we’re going as The Incredibles this year.  It’ll be nice to look more like Mr. Incredible in the third act and not like him in the start of the second when he’s all out of shape.  Anywho I also picked up some jeans that will fit properly now.  34’s.  Still hard to believe.

I don’t see myself writing everyday.  I think this will be a once or twice a week thing.  Please check me out and follow me over on Twitter @huffrants.  

Also I just made a joke about sausages and my wife is losing it, unable to finish our conversation.

You’re welcome.


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