BWYWTB – Post-Whole 30 fears and experiences

Well it’s been a few days so lets take a step back and see what’s been going on.  I am pleased to say I have yet to fall off the wagon.  I am still eating clean, no real processed foods, no added or artificial sugars, no serious carbs (outside of shabbat which I’ll get to) and basically have been keeping to a paleo-esque diet.  Being at work is still the hardest  when it comes to staying on this path.  Between the stress and the readily available junk to consume, which I did to deal with the stress and soldier on day-to-day.  Everyday I go in there and want an energy drink, a candy bar, a bag of chips…go ahead, it’s only one, it won’t make that big of a difference, just one little snack, one soda, you’re not on any program now, do it, get one, now one more, now get ten, shove them all in your face, DO IT!  DO IT NOW!!

I’m afraid.  Like, genuinely afraid.  Not unlike a recovering alcoholic who has to stay away from bars because those neon lights call them back for another round.  It happened tonight.  In an attempt to get rid of our remaining junk we cooked up some tater tots to go with dinner for the kids.  Turkey burgers and sweet potatoes with a spinach salad was my dinner.  But those tater tots.  Y’all don’t know.  I could pound them back and it took EVERY ounce of willpower not to grab a handful of them and stuff my face.  However, I knew if I went for one serving I would have seven.  So, I opted for none.  My wife Rachel even remarked that we had some left over.  Of course we do!  Usually I eat ALL of the left overs.

Shabbat I introduced carbs back into my diet.  We decided to make whole wheat challah, got a great recipe from our rebbetzin and made enough for about three weeks.  I also had to control myself in that.  I wanted the whole loaf to myself and the hummus as well.  I had two pieces but still felt a bit bloated and gross that night and the day after.  However I had the hummus and bread together so I’m not sure which it was.

I had considered using almond or coconut flour to make the next batch but I am not certain you can say the brachah (blessing) of “HaMotzei” over a non-grain based bread.  That creates some complications I’d rather avoid and frankly I don’t think once a week will be horrible, but I have to check my ego at the door and not let the carb dragon take over.

This is my grocery haul from Wegmans.  Their markdowns on kosher meats are amazing!  I think I have enough meat for the next two weeks, which is good considering how expensive it can get.  We also got supplies to try out a paleo cookie recipe.  I will let you guys know how they turn out later in the week.

For now I’m taking it a day at a time.  I hope, whatever you are working on, you are doing the same.  

BWYWTB = Be Where You Want To Be

The place you never imagined you could be.


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