BWYWTB – Listen to your body

I am happy to report that i am nearly down a full 20lbs from my starting weight. This morning I weighed in at 188 lbs, down 19 from my original start of 207.  I continue to be amazed at how my body has changed since starting this journey.  Definition in my body that I never thought I could have; muscles emerging that I hadn’t seen since my football days.  

I feel like I’m turning into a health food nut.  Everytime I see a commercial for a healthy snack or shake I know 90% of the time it’s a lie.  They advertise no sugar but it contains artificial sweeteners that are as bad, if not worse, for you as regular sugar.  Apparently my journey has inspired some of my coworkers, 3 of which began their Whole 30 journey today! Good luck guys!  Stay strong!  That first week is killer.

One thing that I’m also doing is listening to my body when it comes to the reintroduction of foods, especially any carbs that I might eat.  I know now I can have a controlled and moderate amount, like this past shabbat, without too many negative reactions.  But I have to be able to control my carb dragon.  My wife is currently hearing her body loud and clear, and she’s suffering over it.  She’s had a toothache for a while now due to one of her wisdom teeth basically falling apart in her mouth.  Well now the pain has gotten so bad she’s laid up in bed.  I went to take her to the local medical college’s dental school where they have an emergency dental office but because it’s a wisdom tooth they couldn’t help her.  We had to make an appointment with an oral surgeon…for next Thursday…meanwhile she’s going to have to suffer through the pain.  She admits it’s her own fault, that she should have gone sooner before the pain got this bad, but at least now she has an appointment and we can get this done.  Let that be a lesson to everyone: listen to your body.  If something feels out of sorts, and especially if it’s constant, go see someone.  You only have one body and one chance at this life so take care of yourself.  Take that from someone who used to eat two large pizzas by himself.

One of my favorite Hassidic thinkers, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, spoke about the importance of living a healthy life style in order to pursue holiness and service to G-d.  In his work “Lekutei Moharan” he wrote on the right kind of diet being a way to maintain a clear and healthy mind and that through sweat one could rid themselves of impurities in the body.  And this was from a man living in eastern Europe in the 18th century, how much truer is it today with our knowlede of medicine and science?  I think many doctors would say the key to a happy life is a healthier one, and being happy all the time was Rebbe Nachman’s main theme.  

So listen to your body, be happy and healthy and be where you want to be.


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