BWYWTB – Tragedy Strikes

When it happens it can come out of nowhere.  The loss of something so dear takes deep reflection and introspection to help those who are suffering to move forward and come to terms with the way life will be forever changed.  Now it seems such a tragedy has struck my home.  It will send shockwaves through our lives and forever alter the course of my family for years to come.

I don’t think I can have beer anymore.

I realized this over Shabbat.  I had one beer, ONE, and felt bloated, gassy and gross.  Now, it was a brown ale and I’ve never been one for ales, much prefer a lager or pilsner, so maybe I’ll try one of those and see if my body has the same reaction.  But it’s disconcerting since I’ve built a reputation, both personally and professionally, as “the beer guy” and now my body is telling me it has a hard time with beer.  Oh well, scotch it is.

We went shopping for Mashloach Manot yesterday for Purim.  It is a rule that on Purim you should send gifts of ready to consume food and drinks called Mashloach Manot to your fellow jews.  My wife wanted to get candy to match the theme of our costume but as we were shopping I was thinking this was a bit hypocritical.  Here I am changing my life and I’m going to give garbage to my friends as a gift?  We scrapped the candy idea so if you get something from us expect it to delicious and nutritious!  

I’m looking for the next challenge or goal for myself.  Maybe a marathon or a Tough Mudder type thing.  For now I’m focused on forever ridding myself of this stomach.  It’s something I have dreamed of doing but never imagined I ever could.  I can already see definition I never knew existed.  I’ve also received many compliments both on the blog and the way I look which is totally surreal for me.  It’s funny because when I receive those compliments I am like half….

But then the other half is…

Along with handling my physical well being I’ve also refocused on some spiritual growth.  Making sure I have an appointed time for both prayer and learning.  Found a great podcast with short 10-15 minutes on Mishnah Berurah which is a discussion and explanation on Jewish law and customs. For me I really enjoy it.  Not that I don’t like the hippy “spiritual” side of my faith, it’s all fascinating, but I’m a big nerd at heart and essentially pulling the curtain back on why we do what we do, day in and day out, is just as interesting to me.  Does that mean every little thing I learn I start to immidiately follow or force my family to?  Of course not but it’s worth knowing and I enjoy it.  Now working on my financial well-being will take a little more doing…

Anywho, next time I want to share some dishes and recipes with everyone.  Maybe later in the week?  Sounds like a plan.  Until then folks…


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