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So I was having a hard time with this entry, not sure what to write about and I’m kind of busy around the house at the moment.  I mentioned this on Facebook and some friends came to me with topics to discuss which I will touch on.  Now, this will get a little off the normal script of health and wellness so bare with me.

How about the teen arrested for the jcc bomb threats

My initial thought when I heard about this was…Idiot.  For those not aware an investigation by the FBI and Israel uncovered that the perpetrator of several JCC bomb threats was a teenage boy…an American-Israeli teenage boy.  There are several hebrew terms I would like to use to describe this boy and his actions.  Really?  You do this to your own people?  The f*ck is wrong with you??  Now, this story is still developing so we’ll see where it goes but if I could have a word with my fellow Yiddin for a moment.

An open letter to all of Klal Yisrael,

Hi, can we just talk for a minute about conduct and how it reflects on all of us?  Understand that your actions will never just be your actions to the goyim, it will be the way ALL OF US will be seen.  This has always been true and it will continue to be so until the end of time.  And I don’t care if your “religious” or not, even if you’re totally assimilated and don’t keep to a jewish identity, you STILL represent all of us.  Because as soon as you do some sh!tty thing and they find out your a Jew, then it’s “oh well you know how they are, what do you expect.”  Even more so if you are not outwardly indentifying as jewish because then there’s a layer of deception added on.  We have a responsibility to one another and our own conduct with the outside world is a part of that.  Think about the repercussions when you act, because your choices are OUR choices.

Here you go:

This article discusses the ways Israel as a nation and culture have built a resilience to the continual terrorism that country has seen for decades.  Interestingly this comes after the most recent attack in London where the mayor made a statement some people were not too pleased with, that this is just the reality of living in a large city in this day and age. People are in a stink over it but there is some truth to it.  Not in a roll over and give up sense but that this is war in the 21st century and we must come to terms with it and fight in our own way by soldiering on.  Not that there won’t be trauma to deal with, but you build an infrastructure to handle it.  The article is interesting and I highly recommend checking it out.  For my part, the years I spent in Israel I always looked to the Israelis as my barometer, if they weren’t panicking then neither would I.  And for the record, since I do get asked, I always felt safe there, even more so than here.

“I am kind, I am smart, I am important, I am starving.”


Hey Yo

Alright, well, that was fun. 

If anybody wants I would actually like to do another entry like this so leave a comment about a topic or question and we’ll do another crowd sourced post in the future.

Well on a different note, I am down to 184.2 lbs this morning which is friggen incredible.  I’ve been home the last two days as my wife had her teeth extracted on thursday.  Everything went well and she’s recovering, though it will be about a week before she can start eating real food again.  I’m planning on doing a personal challenge of exercise during the Omer.  For those who don’t know, between the holidays of Passover and Shavuot is a time known as the Omer where we count everyday in between the two holidays.  It is a total of 7 weeks, so instead of just counting I am going to be burning calories, everyday, for seven weeks.  Some days will be more intense, others not, but I am going to do this  I am excited to start and to see what the results will be.  For now I’m happy with what I’m seeing but now I need some new clothes so that will become a new line in the budget.  

For now have a healthy and happy Shabbat.

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Shabbat Shalom


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