The man in the mirror

I’ve said it before but the worst critic is yourself.  I know that is the case for myself.  Last night it really hit me, just feeling bloated and gross and looking at myself and being very critical of what I saw.  I hadn’t worked out like I planned and I was feeling totally drained having been up since 3.  This morning when I got up and saw myself I felt so much better about my body and wondered why I was doing this to myself, meaning my self criticism.  Why do we view ourselves in a negative light, especially for those of us working toward bettering our health?  Is it because so many of us have spent years feeling down on what we saw and, even now, look for the flaws in ourselves to justify giving up on the journey?  I was in this boat really hard last night, looking down at my midsection and still not happy with what’s there.  People have come up to me and told me that I look good and how what I’m doing is inspiring, bit when you’re alone, with that mirror, sometimes all you see are the love handles and not the changes you have made.

It’s part of the constant battle in my own head.  How easy would it be just to eat like I used to, live like I used to, especially when I look in the mirror and I am not happy.  I know it sounds really whiney and all, like I’m looking for sympathy, but I feel like this is a battle anyone going down this path will have and I want to give voice to it in my own way. 

May we all look in the mirror and see our better selves.


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