Traveling back down old roads…

It was inevitable wasn’t it? Now that I am off of a strict program I am allowing myself to indulge in the types of food and eating habits I had before.  The wife and I went out for a much overdue date night Saturday.  I had a drink at the bar and then went to the movies and had popcorn and a coke.  We got the large popcorn, or as I call it a trough size, which I knew was a mistake.  Wifey kept the bucket from me for a while but then it ended up in my lap.  Usually I could pound an entire bucket alone but couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I left the theatre feeling gross, gassy, and bloated.  The whole next day I felt horrible as well and I was at work so I had to soldier through it.  I’ve had some other foods that I should stay away from, like an ice cream bar yesterday, and then not long after that I felt sick.  I’ve been thinking about doing a second round of Whole 30 after Passover just to keep myself from falling hard.

I have managed to get up early this week and get a work out in every single day and I feel like that is the best start to my day.  I’m planning to keep hitting my DDPYoga everyday the rest of the week getting ready for my own challenge to work out each day of the Omer.  

The house is almost ready for Passover, just the dining room and kitchen left and then final Passover shopping.  On top of that the twins have their eighth birthday just before the holiday.  It’s hard to believe how fast they have grown.  

My wife took down a picture we had on the wall of them from kindergarten today and put up one from this year.  It strikes me how much they’ve changed.  The old pic was of little children still with the features of babies left.  Now I see full on kids.  But that’s nothing like the picture of all three of our children together.  Max, my oldest boy…the way he looks in that picture, the way he holds himself, what I see is not a boy but a glimpse of the young man he will be in 10 or 11 years.  And my daughter Zemorah looks more like what I expect she will be as a teenager.  Speaking of which a boy from school asked her out for a donut after school.  It’s cute, I mean the kid’s 7…but still…I thought I had more time!

I’m not ready for boys.  I’m going to need these little shits to stay back for a few more years.  And I don’t care if the boy is a yeshivah bachur, the star quarterback or anything in between, the conversation will be the same.

I have a twelve gauge and a shovel, I doubt anyone will miss you.


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