Whole 30 R2D1

Shall we begin?

Day one was…pretty crap actually.  Work was rough and I just wanted to have some sugary drink or snack just to take the edge off the pissy mood I was in.  Also the headaches were back though I think that was from the stress as much as it was no sugar.  I did manage to weigh myself this morning, 186.4 lbs, but I don’t know how much weight I am actually going to lose this time since I feel as though most of the sugar weight is gone.  

Dinner tonight: chicken breasts, roasted sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli.  Quite tasty if I must say so myself.  I’ve got eggs boiling for tomorrow’s breakfast, i just need to pick out a side and prepare it.

Lunch tomorrow: salmon with roasted sweet potatoes and yellow pepper.  This was where I struggled the first time, meal prepping.  This time around I am going to make a concerted effort to be better prepared so I have even more success.  

I hope everyone had a great Passover…or Easter…or whatever spring holiday you celebrate.  Life, rebirth, renewel…all of them big themes throughout many cultures this time of year.  For may family it’s also the birthday of our twins, who were born on the first night of Passover 2009.  So we have the double whammy every April of holiday and birthdays.  But I especially enjoy our Seder because we do everything we can to keep it kid oriented, even letting the kids sorta run the show and do the explaining, however, based on wifely feedback, I may have to slow things down and do more explaining since we will probably have guests again who aren’t so versed in yiddishkeit.  I’ve seen some great ideas for decorations for next year, to make it even more fun.  That’s been our mantra when it comes to judaism and our kids, it has to be fun.  Our feeling on it is if you create positive memories of judaism and being jewish they will be more inclined to continue on our mesorah, our traditions, as adults.  I’ve seen how NOT doing that has had an adverse effect, hopefully keeping it positive will have the opposite effect.

But, at the end of the day it’ll be their journey and at some point, as parents, we’ll have to step away and let them make their own choices.  All we can do is help to navigate them in the right direction and hope for the best.

Here’s hoping…


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