Whole 30 R2D2/D3


Quick update before shabbat, 3 days into my DDPY-Omer, working out every morning with the wifey has been a good start to my day and I’ve managed to have meals prepped and ready to go so I don’t feel rushed to get those done.  If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail as they say….ever wonder who “they” are?  I mean I guess it’s a stand in for “people” that seems more familiar…I guess…but it just has a bizarre connotation, like the royal “we”.  Sounds a bit sinister and foreboding if you ask me.

Doing some shnitzel and mayo-less potato salad for shabbat.  I’m making a bunch because…well…I’m lazy and don’t want to make two different meals.  Rachel says her abs hurt after her first go at Red Hot Core but I’m super happy she’s joining me in the exercise routines.  Hopefully she sticks with it.  Also a belt I had bought when I was losing weight that was still too small for me about a month ago now fits!  Yesss!  Which is good because my old belt was on it’s last loop and still too loose.  

More to come motzei shabbat, stay tuned!

Shabbat shalom!


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