Whole 30 R2D4/D5

Can I just say, when it comes to produce, Aldi is where it’s at!  Picked up most of the produce on our list pretty inexpensively.  Still had to hit up Wegman’s for most everything else but we did make a Trader Joe’s run for pickles and their Everything but the Bagel seasoning…which is f’n AMAZEBALLS…which they were also OUT of!

Y’all don’t even know, that stuff on some whole wheat challah and olive oil is friggen AMAZING!  If you haven’t had it yet try it…but not until after tomorrow…I still need to get mine!  STEP OFF!!!

Had several people comment about how I looked at shul (Yiddish for synagogue) this Shabbat.  I told them I was doing a second round and some even commented they should do a Whole 30 too.  To that I would say, good on you but don’t do it for the numbers on the scale, do it to reexamine your relationship with food and learning to truely listen to your body.  Do it to FEEL better not just feel better about what you see in the mirror (although I would highly recommend indulging in that a bit, I know I have).

One of the things that I realized over the past few weeks, during the height of pollen season, is that my allergies aren’t bothering me like they used to.  Oh, I take my medicine like I always have each year and try to be extra diligent with washing my hands when I’ve been outdoors, but the pollen has been bad this year and I have barely noticed.  My medicine hasn’t changed but what HAS changed is how I am caring for my body.  I wonder if not having to filter all the garbage I normally bombard my body with has allowed my system to spend more time handling my allergies?  Maybe…I wonder if there is a study to back that up?

Also I made these paleo stuffed peppers the other day that were pretty good.  I got 12 of them from a pound of ground turkey which is sweet!  Plenty for everyone and leftovers to boot.  You just cut the peppers in half, de-seed them, cook the ground meat until brown and I added diced onion to the mix with some cumin and paprika. Then just fill the peppers and cook at 350 for about 30 minutes.  They were definitely missing something so I got some compliant guacamole for my second round later in the week.  Maybe this time I’ll remember to snap a pic instead of just shoveling it in my face.  

Look for another post soon on a bit of a serious topic.

Until then!  Toodles!


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