Whole 30 R2D6/D7

It’s been funny to me to run into people who tell me that my journey inspired them to make a change in their lives, to live healthier and eat cleaner because of what has happened in my own life.  And as I’ve said early on in this blog, it wasn’t originally my idea to begin with, my wife made a life choice for me (love you! Hehe).  But I am always happy to see people take life by the short and curlies and own it.  This is no easy venture and I still, and probably always will, struggle every single day with urges, cravings and self/body image issues.  Which that last part still seems kind of silly because I simultaneously look at myself and am impressed with the reflection in the mirror.  Your greatest enemy will always be the person in the mirror and the doubts in your own head.

Also I’ve now been asked to participate in 2 fitness challenges of sorts.  One is a push up challenge, to start day one with as many push ups as you can do and then to add one more to it every day for a month.  Still debating on that one, I like my low impact DDPYoga but I do love a good challenge and goal.  Another friend texted me to see if I wanted to do the Star Wars half marathon down at Disney next year.  If I can swing the money I am totally down with that, but next year is also the 10 year wedding anniversary and we are planning a long weekend down in Key West so that takes priority….but he sent me a picture of the medal you get…dude.  Gonna have to do some marathon training I think.

Did my stuffed peppers tonight for dinner.  Delicious with guacamole!  Next time I’ll have to remember to grab salsa at Trader Joe’s and toss a big scoop into the pan when I cook the ground turkey.

Speaking of challenges we are attempting potty training with the youngest.  He’s not quite two but already knows that pooping and peeing is connected to the bathroom so we got a seat for him and dusted off our Elmo Potty Time DVD.  I have to say there’s no one happier in the world than the kids on that show who get to say all the different words for going potty.  POO-POO!!!  Omg it’s hilarious.  Also I know Elmo is technically a monster but…has he ever gone…like…feral?  Like Spock’s Ponfar?  Every few years his true monster self comes out and he brutally kills, like, a dozen children.  He wakes up in a pool of blood like, “Oh G-d, not again!”  Then Big Bird has to help dispose of the bodies.  Thats why Snuffleupagus is the way he is…all that soylent green!  (Google it children)  (also imagine Bird with tears as he feeds it to Snuffy, knowing the dark dark truth)

Enjoy that thought for a minute.  You’re welcome.


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