Whole 30 R2/D8

Dinner tonight.  Marinara chicken with zucchini noodles.  The noodles didn’t go over well with the kids but the parents highly approve.  I think this will become a mainstay of the menu board at home.  Currently working on breakfast and lunch for tomorrow.  All I really want to do at this point is to just plotz and pass out but I have to get the meal prep down for tomorrow.  Usually I’ll take leftovers but alas none from tonight.  

Had to go out and buy a new Roku last night.  The remote stopped working on the old one and it was time to turn it in.  Also found out I’m paying $50 more on a cable package that I’ve never used!  It included a bunch of sports channels…I DON’T WATCH SPORTS!  So that’s gone now.  I really just need internet for streaming which is all we really do.  Speaking of which started in on season 2 of the anime Attack on Titan.  The animation in this show is absolutely beautiful and detailed and terrifying.  I want to find a copy of the live action Japanese film adaptation.  If you’re an anime fan and haven’t checked it out you’re missing out.

Alright, eggs and potatoes for breakfast, tuna patties, broccoli, a larabar and an apple wil be lunch.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!


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