Whole 30 R2/D9

Dinner to tonight, paleo turkey meatloaf and sweet potatoes.  Always a big hit although tonight the twins were super complainy about having to eat their sweet potatoes.  I feel a bit hypocritical because I know I was such a picky eater as a kid, but it’s important they eat this kind of stuff otherwise they’ll end up like me and not eat a salad until they’re, like, 23.  The toddler scarfed it down no problems at all.  He’s getting huge and I just look at him and wonder where the time goes.  With a love of puppies, cars and football he is already decidedly different from his older brother.  He’s also a serious mama’s boy and my clear rival for the affections of my wife.  This little turd will break up any cuddling or embrace, want mommy, and get a hug from her, turning to me with a smug little smile.  What an a$$….I’m so proud.

I feel like I’ve lost another pants size already, but I haven’t had the opportunity to test that theory yet.  So much of the clothing I have doesn’t fit me right at all.  There’s a big fancy dinner coming up for my kids’ school and I’m going to have to wear a suit that’s two sizes too small.  It’s been the only down side to the weight loss journey and it’s pretty superficial, but it’s still annoying.

Ok, so I’m currently watching a documentary on apes and this dude is about to go into a hole in the ground where baboons live.  Why?!?!  All I can imagine is one of them coming out of no where and clawing the crap out if this guy. More power to you dude, I think I would have just sent in a drone.  Reminds me of a South Park episode with Cartman as the Crocodile Hunter.

I’ll end by putting another topic request.  If there’s anything you guys would be interested to hear about let me know in the comments.

Until then!


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