Whole 30 R2/D10,11,12

Very busy weekend.  We had the opportunity to eat Shabbat dinner by some friends of ours.  We were celebrating their son’s birthday and on the menu was pizza and curly fries but they were kind enough to make something especially for me that was compliant.  I was talking with someone at shul over shabbat about doing my second round and of course the inevitable question of weight loss comes up.  Look, I’m not trying to lose weight.  If I do, that’s fine but it is about cleaning out the system and getting back on track.  Although, honestly, I am still looking to lose the last bit of pudge surrounding my midsection.  

Does anyone else feel like they should have life figured out by now?  This summer I will turn 36 and I always thought that by now I would be settled into some sort of long term career.  I mean I’ve been at the same job now for about seven or eight years and I’ve moved up but I’ve gotten the sense that this is about it for me.  So now I’m reexamining my professional life.  Where do I go from here?  People sometimes ask what do I like to do when talking about career paths…I don’t know, crackwise?  Talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and why can’t DC/WB figure it out (it’s easy guys just go down the hall to DC animation or grab some guys from your CW shows…seriously).  I mean I like sharing information which is why most of my life I’ve been told I should teach.  I have a BA in history so a teaching licence would be all I need.  But I also enjoy doing a certain amount of physical work, working with my hands, and probably if I ever took a desk job I would need one of those standing desks because the idea of sitting for 8+ hours a day just doesn’t seem that appealing.  And then there’s the question of money.  What salary would I want?  Obviously more than I am getting now, otherwise why would I leave a job where I have a good history and reputation.  Do I seek the paycheck or a passion?  My wife’s passion is art and crafting and she is now trying to turn that into an income.  In some ways I’m jealous because she has something she can show and say, “Here, this is who I am, I am an artist.”  That’s why I started writing.  In a sense, words are my passion.  I’m an amateur wordsmith with delusions of greatness.  So I don’t know what the future holds for me professionally, I’m just praying to find something I can grow with and provides my family with better financial security.  For now I’ll just keep being the best at what I do, continue to network and keep on writing. I’m hoping this will help me achieve my own little bit of awesome.


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