Whole 30 R2/D15 OMG THE DEFENDERS!!!!

Well I got a pleasant surpise yesterday when my mom and cousin asked if we would like to join them down in Hatteras at the end of the month.  Since that is the week of Shavuot and I was taking time off for it anyways it seems like the perfect time for a small beach trip.  It’ll be 3 days and most of that is Chag (holiday) but it’s right in walking distance of the beach and the sound so it should be fun.  Also the house is huge and beautiful and the kids are stoked to hang out with their cousin. 

Spent the afternoon out in the front lawn with the kiddos and is there anything better?  

It’s moments like that which makes life worth living.

Let me put on my nerd hat for a moment.  I saw the trailer for Marvel’s The Defenders and then I watched it again…6 times.  I have been hooked on these shows since the first season of Daredevil.  For me I rank the shows as follows:

  1. Daredevil season 1
  2. Luke Cage
  3. Jessica Jones
  4. The first half of Daredevil season 2 (basically anything with the Punisher in it)
  5. Iron Fist

Now Luke Cage and Jessica Jones can switch places on any given day.  These shows have also given us, arguably, the two best antagonists in the MCU, Kingpin and Cottonmouth, and I LOVE Cottonmouth.  He’s just so gangster.  Not just in a hip-hop kind of way but in a truely Goodfellas way too.  And both are the type of villians which are the most compelling, villians who see themselves as the hero.  Jessica Jones‘ writing is superb, it’s not just a detective story but an allegory of rape and the journey of a victim to reclaim her power.  It’s low on action (which there is some but not as much as the other shows) but the writing on that show is amazing.

Poor Iron Fist.  I feel like this was a show rushed in order to make The Defenders happen as quickly as possible.  Hell, they had a teaser for The Defenders out before Iron Fist even began production!  The premise of Danny’s return to NYC and his subsequent desire to be a part of his father’s company MAKES NO SENSE.  The action is sort of, meh, which would be ok if not for the fact that THE IRON FIST IS THE GREATEST MARTIAL ARTIST IN THE ENTIRE MARVEL UNIVERSE.  HE’S CALLED “THE LIVING WEAPON” FOR A REASON PEOPLE!!  I could go on about a number of things I didn’t care for in this show but basically it feels like someone at Netflix was like, “Just get it made, quick quick quick, we gotta make that Defenders money!”

It’s not the worst I’ve seen from Marvel. It’s a damn sight better than Agents of SHIELD.  It’s sort of mediocre which is sad considering how good the other shows were.  Part of me wishes they had introduced him in Luke Cage, or hell, in The Defenders if that was the best they could do.  Still, watch it, it has some good elements to it and it’ll build towards this crossover.  I’m thinking of taking the month prior and rewatching all of the shows before August 16 when it drops.

This is gonna be sick!


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