Whole 30 R2/D20,21

Went for a run yesterday morning to switch things up with my exercising.  I have to say between eating clean, losing weight, and the exercising I was already doing I felt really good afterwards.  It used to be that after a run I was super winded, coughing and basically having an asthma attack for a good hour afterwards but this time I felt great.  I didn’t go for distance covered but just a good half hour run and I was able to maintain a good steady pace the whole time.  I was surprised at how much ground I did cover.  Running may become an addition to my weekly workout routine just to mix things up a bit.  Also it’ll help me prepare for the Star Wars half marathon next year which will be fun I have no doubt.  

A member of my synagogue has decided to do her own Whole 30.  I’m excited to see where her journey takes her and hopefully others will take a look at their own relationship with food.  Again, I don’t know that it’s for everyone.  It is an extreme and drastic diet and can be difficult, but if you enter it with the right mindset you will come out of it, hopefully, reevaluating how you eat and what you eat daily.  

I saw a post on Facebook from a friend of mine about a man who was basically a food-a-holic.  People laugh at such a thing but trust and believe, it is real.  To fight that addiction is as hard as kicking alcohol or drugs. And everyday we are, frankly, lied to by the food and sugar industry about what we eat.  It’s packaged and sold to hook us and they get us in the crib. There are a number of baby formulas where one of the first ingredient is sugar.  WHY????  Also, why does a baby need its own brand if cheese doodle?  I’m looking at you Gerber.  I’m not going to lie, we give the kids snacks and treats sometimes that aren’t the best, mostly because of budget constraints (which the food industry’s campaign to poison the poor is criminal btw), but we do what we can to put healthy options in their lunch boxes.  Childhood obesity is an epidemic and telling them to run more and eat less is a bumper sticker solution that won’t last.  Get to the heart of real nutritional education, stop letting big sugar poison another generation.  

This coming from a man who has moments everyday where I would beat a baby seal with a sack full of doorknobs for a coke and some pizza.


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