Whole 30 Round 2 round-up

Ok lets start with a baseline…

Jeezus…ok so that’s my infamous “before” pic, right at 230

that was end of Round 1, at 192 lbs…

Ok…this is start of round two, 186 lbs.

This is the end, 174.6 lbs…
Now, for the record…you have no idea how nerve racking it is to think I am posting pics of myself without  a shirt on.  Even now, I am SUPER SUPER self conscious about how I look (and not because of the farmer’s tan either mind you lol) especially without my shirt.  There’s a part of my mind that still is like, “FATTY!”

Admitting that to myself, publicly, is one of the saddest things.  I’m looking at these pictures and I am simultaneously amazed at my progress and yet there’s that voice…”NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT!”

But I am trying.  I try to remember the double takes I get from people, friends and co-workers who can’t recognize me anymore, even noticing the longer look overs that were never there before.  Seeing these pictures, scrolling down the transformation, is a huge help.  Still can’t deny that the thought of posting these photos is terrifying.  I am though.  

*deep breath*


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