How did I not have this before?  

We’re almost out of the dirt cheap kosher stew meat we had stocked up on so I’m thinking tonight we’ll do beef and broccoli with cauliflower rice, which is amazing by the way.  You can get it preshredded at Wegmans for like $4 but I just buy a head for $1.75 at Aldis and shred it myself in our food processor, it takes about 3 minutes to do and about 5 more to let it sit in a tray of paper towels to soak up the excess moisture.  I also replace ginger in the recipe with tandoori powder, which adds the ginger but gives it a bit of a kick.  It has become a favorite of me and the wife.  Of course we did late lunches so I don’t know when I’ll whip up this delicious dish.

My grandmother is currently in the hospital, she has a fractured femur, which isn’t great.  At 94 the trauma of the surgery she is going to have to have will most likely kill her.  Doctors say if everything goes well she’ll have, at best a year, due to her health and diabetes she won’t heal properly.  If she is unable to have the surgery for whatever reason, a month…maybe two.  It’ll be a miracle if she makes it to the end of the year.  I’m a little sad over it but, to be honest, she’s 94, she’s buried ALL 4 of her sons, and she’s been suffering for the last two years.  Her quality of life isn’t good and it’s not going to get any better.  She held my hand and told me she loved me, which I can’t remember the last time we said that to one another, and she said it like it was the last time she would ever get the chance to.  

I don’t know what will be for her in the next few months…but for me…I will remember her as the woman with the house shaped cookie jar who always had it filled with chocolate chip cookies.  That was stop number one at grandma’s apartment.  I remember her working at the Woolworth and sitting down as a kid with the JCPenny catalog picking out Christmas presents.

Maybe it’s wrong to eulogize someone not yet dead, but it’s time for her to have peace.  Is there an expression that says that in a poetic way?


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