Let me tell you about this girl I knew…

So, there was this girl I used to know.  The kind of girl who was so out of my league, y’all don’t even know, like  beyond ridiculous.  Gorgeous, sexy, funny, smart and devoted.  She listened to me ramble on and on about whatever nonsense I was on about in that moment, and not just to humor me either!  This is how out of my league she was…my OWN friends couldn’t understand it.  We were at a party and I was introducing her to friends of mine from high school for the first time.  She went inside, i forget why, and as she left one of my friends turned to me and said, “Now tell us.  How did YOU end up with THAT?”, and not in a disparaging why toward her, more of a, “you know she’s TOTALLY out of your league, right?”  

And yet…there she was…with me.

That I would ultimately ask this girl to marry me was a no brainer.  I mean…come on?  Someone this fun, cool, smart and drop dead gorgeous?  Like, when was that gonna happen again?  

You think, “that’s that”, right?

You just have a few kids, settle down, and ride off into the sunset.  Only, life is never that easy.  There are struggles, hard times, lean times, disagreements, ups and downs.  Then I wake up one day and that girl is gone, the girl I married has vanished.  There’s this woman who replaced her.  I don’t know when it happened, but it did.  In some respects, I had to meet a different person, become reacquainted with someone I had chosen to spend the rest of my life with.  I laugh at my own naivete.  

Because, as the 11th Doctor put it, we’re all different people throughout our lives.  And it has been the greatest honor of my life to get to know this woman.

She’s an incredible mother to our children who does not give herself enough credit for all that she does.  Brilliant in only the way a nerd for math can be.  Her artistic talents are mind boggling, what she is able to create always blows my mind.  Strong and true to her principles.  I can go on and on about this amazing woman.  

Above all of this, she’s my partner in crime, my best friend (even to the point that the prospects of a guy’s night out seems diminished because she is not there).

It is us verses the world.  

Also…still stupid hot.

Today, 9 years ago on the hebrew calendar, the 5th of Tammuz, she became Mekudeshet Li.  Often translated as “sanctified to me” it is better understood as “seperated”.  We are seperate, from all other peoples, to each other.  And just as with the girl who preceded her, I consider it amazing that such a woman would walk this lifetime with me.  The love I had for that girl is not diminished, but rather with this woman has only become more enriched as time goes on.  

We have, please G-d, a long journey ahead of us, and I have no doubt that in another decade I will love this woman even more deeply and richly than I do now.

It is my greatest prayer for anyone out there still searching, that you should find the other half of your Nishama, soul, and it should be a true partnership and friendship that brings out the best of you in all things.  I know I count myself blessed in that regard.


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