More movies to make your life a little more awesome

Are ya’ll ready for some more?  No?


Here’s some movies you need to watch that will make you a little more awesome…


“The Rundown” with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

This movie came on the heels of his ill-fated “Scorpion King” stand alone based on his character from “The Mummy 2”.  That film was a poor example of how you use The Rock.  THIS FILM however was a great use of him, his acting abilities, his comedic timing and his physical abilities…all brewed together to make a fun, hilarious and action packed movie.  That he has the likes of Seann William Scott, Christopher Walkins and Rosario Dawson to play off of doesn’t heart either.  Walkins is amazing in only the way he can be and the banter between him, The Rock and Seann William Scott is gold!


“The Big Hit” with Mark Wahlberg and Lou Diamond Phillips

Ever see a movie SOOOOOOO bad it’s good?  This is that movie for me.  Mark Wahlberg and Lou Diamond Phillips play hit men who go a bit rouge and try kidnapping for a change.  Only thing is they kidnap a girl who’s billionaire dad just lost everything and can’t pay the ransom.  Oh, and that girl is the goddaughter of Wahlberg and Phillips’ employer.  Hi-jinks ensue.  There is just too much ridiculous with this movie that it can’t help but be AMAZING!  Wahlberg’s character is a super nice guy who has an ulcer from his anxiety.  And their boss is played by Avery Brooks, who plays Capt. Sisco on Star Trek: Deep Space 9, and he is GLORIOUS in this film.  Again, it’s not a good movie…by any stretch…but it’s so bad it becomes a hilarious watch.


“It’s All Gone Pete Tong” starring Paul Kaye

This movie is phenomenal.  About legendary DJ Frankie Wilde, a the top of his game living the rock star lifestyle when a disease costs him his hearing.  Now deaf it’s about his fall, his seeming disappearance from the world and his eventual return to the DJ booth.  It’s a wild, funny, and heart warming story and the way he regains his place at the top of the DJ seen is absolutely amazing.


I’m going to stop here because there is one movie I want to add to this list but I feel like my love of it requires it’s own blog post.

Go find these films and give them a watch.  DO IT NOW!!!


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