You’d think I would be more rested 

So I just got done with a week out of town doing some training for my new job and you would think that a week without my kids, just being on my own, it would be like a small vacation.  But honestly it really wasn’t.  I didn’t sleep well the whole week and I didn’t do a ton of going out like I thought I would.  After putting in time at my training store I just ended up back in my room, exhausted.  I did hit up the hotel bar a few times, so that was nice, but I didn’t know what to do with all this free time.

The one high point was Rachel coming out my last night, a mini-vaca/anniversary night.  Hit up the hotel bar for happy hour then down to the Virginia Beach Boardwalk where we went to a bar/restaurant that had a prohibition era theme to it with cocktails from that time period which were fantastic.  Then a walk down the boardwalk brought us to some stargazers who were set up to teach a little astronomy to passersby.  The guy was like, “You guys want to see Jupiter?”  Um, yes please!  What can I say, I know how to show a girl a good time.

Monday I start live at the new job.  It’s a major challenge for me, they’ve got some serious opportunities in that building and specifically with my team.  I won’t get in to too much more, but having had a brief opportunity to see what is going on there…yeah…it’s going to be…fun.


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