Healthy check in

I realized it had been a while since I posted about my health journey so I thought I’d do a quick update.  Weight wise I’m still in a good place…hovering between 185-180 most weigh-ins.  My diet is roughly 70% compliant, though some sugary things have made their way back, like sodas and the occasional energy drink, but I feel like it’s with less frequency which I’ll chalk up to a win for me.  Exercise is where I still stuggle but my job keeps me pretty active but if I don’t get my yoga in I really start to feel it in my back and knees.

Personally I think the last year or so has been a lot of growth for both me and my wife.  Becoming stronger versions of ourselves and seeing the truth behind the veil.  Like, have you ever known someone…you’ve known them for a while but then something happens and your perception of them is changed forever?  And it’s not like they are new people or they’ve changed, but only you now see them for who they truely are.  It changes your interactions with them and your responses to their words and actions.  It doesn’t make them bad people…per se…but you see clearly to their truth.

In any case, many changes going on here, personally, professionally (waiting for my first HR hot line call…that’s how you know you’re doing a good job as a leader…should have one by the end of the month).  

Still could do with a nice long vacation though….


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